Wonder Woman 1984 runtime reveals to be the longest movie in DCEU

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The Wonder Woman 1984 runtime is revealed. The movie will last 151 minutes, is 10 minutes longer than its predecessor in 2017, becomes the longest movie in the DC Extended Universe.

Wonder Woman 1984 runtime reveal
Wonder Woman 1984 runtime reveal

There is no surprise that the upcoming DC movie Wonder Woman 1984 is being looked forward to by global fans. While the first part was one of the best-reviewed releases on Rotten Tomatoes in 2017 and received well by large audiences; the sequel will welcome the new characters in the plot, Maxwell Lord and Cheetah. In season 2, Diana will face a conflict with the Soviet Union during the Cold War era of the 1980s, and she must fight a new enemy, Cheetah.

All we need to know about Wonder Woman 1984 – Upcoming DC movie

Wonder Woman 1984 will be available on HBO Max

As being informed before, in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic spreading around the world, a series of Hollywood blockbusters had to be rescheduled and Wonder Woman 1984 was no exception. However, there is good news for DC fans in general, and for the next DC movies starring the Princess of Themyscira, this sequel movie will be available on HBO Max this Christmas. We can also expect to watch the movie in the theater later this month. Also, Wonder Woman 1984 will be the first 4K-enabled movie on HBO Max.

Wonder Woman 1984 runtime longer than the predecessor

Wonder Woman 1984 runtime is revealed to last 151 minutes, or 2 hours 31 minutes, which is a bit longer than the movie in 2017. More importantly, this also makes the sequel movie one of the longest movies in the DC Extended Universe, which stands behind Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice by just 1 minute.

Wonder Woman 1984 longer is beneficial

Lengthening the runtime for Wonder Woman 1984 is valued as beneficial as part 2 will introduce 2 new villains with their motivations, and also time is needed to develop their stores. Moreover, the return of Steve Trevor is also the most significant point that needs to explain well.

Cheetah - Wonder Woman 1984's greatest villain
Cheetah – Wonder Woman 1984’s greatest villain

No need to wait longer, in the upcoming 3 weeks, fans can see the latest cinematic outing of Wonder Woman 1984. And hopefully, in the 151 minutes, we can enjoy another heartwarming story, excitement, and fun. Let see if the film gets positive reactions compared to its predecessor.

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