Now Watch Tenet Opening Scene Online Before Its Digital Release

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Tenet Opening Scene watch online. Tenet’s first scene is now available to watch online for free before the release on Blu-ray or VOD.

Tenet First Scene available to watch online
Tenet First Scene available to watch online

Tenet’s fans now can watch breathtaking opening scenes at home ahead of the movie’s debut on digital platforms. Thankfully, the Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending thriller drops on December 15th.

TENET pushed back due to the pandemic

As the result of coronavirus pandemic, this latest epic of the director Christopher Nolan has been pushed back its theatrical release date multiple times this year. However, the day when the intricately-plotted sci-fi thriller movie, TENET made money mostly from the theatrical release were already on the way out.

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In a year when most major films either moved to 2021 or jumped straight to streaming/VOD, Nolan, who has publicly lambasted Warner Bros. for their 2021 streaming plan in recent days, insisted Tenet be released exclusively in theaters. Warner Bros. rolled out Tenet in early September, and though it was successful overseas, the spy thriller struggled to make a dent at the United States box office.

Tenet Opening Scene Watch Online

TENET premiered in theaters last September to mostly favorable reviews. While it certainly made a profit, compared to previous Nolan tentpoles it wasn’t huge. So releasing the movie on digital is a big deal. Now if you watch the first 6 minutes and change below, you can see it starts with a hell of a bang.

This is largely because concerns over the pandemic kept movie theater attendance distressingly low, even after several months of being shut down. As a result, it’s probably safe to say a good number of people still have yet to see Tenet, regardless of how eager they were to see it at the start of 2020. Thankfully, Tenet will become available for home viewing on Tuesday, December 15. Now everyone can watch the Nolan film, which received generally positive reviews, from the safety of their own home.

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To hype up Tenet’s second major release, Warner Bros. has made the so-called “Prologue” available online. The nearly seven minute scene throws audiences straight into the action at a packed opera house, where the unassuming audience members quickly become captives of terrorists. Tenet’s ambitious story and visuals are already on display. At the end of the clip, it’s revealed Nolan will participate in a live Q&A on December 20, and fans can submit questions online.

New Tenet Opening Scenes
New Tenet Opening Scenes

In the months leading up to Tenet’s release, most major plot details were kept tightly under wraps. Those who haven’t seen the film and remained spoiler-free might be thrilled to see footage, but the prologue still does not let any details fly. In fact, it invites more questions than answers, setting up quite the puzzle for the rest of Tenet. Still, it’s a thrilling way to kick off a movie, and it provides audience’s first look at John David Washington’s Protagonist.

Watching this ahead of viewing the rest of Tenet might actually be beneficial, as some critics took issue with the complex plot at the center of the film. Never one to take the simple route, Nolan has clearly crafted a sprawling movie that might require repeat viewings. In that sense, it’s a good thing Tenet will be available at home in just a couple of days. It will be interesting to see if the conversation surrounding Tenet rises again once it is easily accessible for all those who wish to see it.

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