Top Movie Plot Holes in Famous Movies That Are Not Actually Plot Holes At All

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A plot hole is the gravest of sins for movie lovers. It is easy to forget solid acting and fantastic screenplay in a moment if the screenwriters or directors unintentionally leave a big hole in the plot. 

Movie “plot holes” in famous movies
Movie “plot holes” in famous movies

It is nearly impossible not to see any plot holes in movies, the audience can spot them even in the most acclaimed movies. Sometimes, the holes are so obvious that it can ruin your movie experiences. In other cases, it takes movie geeks a really long time to find these holes because they are really subtle.

However, little do you know that things can turn out to be much more different from what you have always thought. In this article, we will discover movie plot holes in famous movies that do not really plot holes at all. Therefore, instead of criticizing our beloved directors and writers, you’ll realize that you have been wrong for the whole time. 

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Gremlins (1984) 

“Plot Hole”: When to feed The Mogwai?

When do we feed this cute creature?
When do we feed this cute creature?

With the holiday season coming, the unorthodox Christmas classic Gremlins will be revisited by many fans. One of the key aspects of this film is the strict rules that come with the ownership of a gremlin. One of those laws maintains that they will not be fed after midnight. But because the entire day is after midnight, some say that the law means that you will never feed them.

It’s really just nitpicking the vocabulary that has evolved into an acknowledged plot hole. It’s very simple to point out that the law was inferred after midnight and before sunrise.

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (2005)

“Plot Hole”: Is Obi-Wan Kenobi right or wrong?

Is Obi-Wan Kenobi right or wrong?
Is Obi-Wan Kenobi right or wrong?

Another movie plot holes in famous movies is from the Star Wars franchise. At the end of “Revenge of the Sith”, Obi-Wan Kenobi decides to keep Luke and Leia on Darth Vader’s home planet. However, many fans of Star Wars have argued that this is a stupid decision, which may cause harm to our two beloved characters. Especially, Obi-Wan even allows Luke to keep his real name.

It is true that it is not a wise move in screenwriting, however, it cannot be considered as a plot hole at all. First of all, Darth Vader is not a home-sick person that he will visit his home planet regularly. Second, he does not even know he has a son, therefore, letting Luke keep his real name or not does not matter.

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Shawshank Redemption (1994)

“Plot Hole”: The poster is magically put back?

The poster helping Andy’s escape
The poster helping Andy’s escape

This “plot hole” is a significant one among movie plot holes in famous movies. In Shawshank Redemption – one of the greatest movies of all time, the main character Andy is falsely accused of a crime he does not commit. Therefore, he has spent years in prison to plan for an escape. When the warden finds out Andy mysteriously disappears, he finds a hole behind the poster pinned on Andy’s room. The question is: How can Andy pin the poster back after escaping?

Actually, the answer is given is Andy’s flashback to explain the details of his escape. We can see that he pins the upper half of the poster on the wall, while the other is unpinned so that he can dig the hole and get through it.

Toy Story (1995)

“Plot Hole”: Will Buzz Stay Still When Humans Are Around?

Buzz Lightyear – the space ranger
Buzz Lightyear – the space ranger

We know that Toy Story is the first feature film by Pixar, the movie is about the exciting adventure of toys without humans’ existence. One of the main characters is Buzz Lightyear – a spaceman who does not see himself as a toy. However, fans have wondered whether Buzz will act like a “normal toy” when humans are around.

In fact, Buzz recognizes himself as a space ranger. With his intelligence, it will not be surprising if he follows the order of other toys for his safety. 

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The Lord of The Rings: The Return of The Kings (2003)

“Plot Hole”: Why Don’t Just Let The Eagles Do The Job?

Is using the Eagles work?
Is using the Eagles work?

Movie plot holes in famous movies can come from the most acclaimed ones. In The Lord of The Rings: The Return of the Kings, after Frodo and Sam successfully destroy The One Ring, they are rescued by giant eagles. Many people may immediately ask why characters don’t just use these eagles to fly to Mordor instead of walking.

This is explained in Boromir’s saying “One does not simply walk into Mordor”. Since Sauron’s forces are everywhere, the mission requires secrecy. Therefore, if riding those giant eagles to get to Mordor, the mission may have failed. 

Citizen Kane (1941)

“Plot Hole”: Kane’s Last Words

The “Rosebud” scenes
The “Rosebud” scenes

Even one of the greatest films of all time can be a “victim” of movie geeks. This time, they point out a plot hole from the opening scenes of the movie, in which Charles Kane says his last word, “Rosebud”. We have to watch the rest of the movie to find out what that word means. Many people even doubt that there is no one there to hear Kane say his last word.

It is true that the way they shot the first scenes suggest that Kane is alone. However, it is revealed that his butler is with him to hear his last words. 

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

“Plot Hole”: Is Thanos’s Plan Work or Not?

Thanos and his plan to “save” the universe
Thanos and his plan to “save” the universe

This is one of the most interesting movie plot holes in famous movies. We know Thanos – one of the best villains of the MCU and its ultimate plan to wipe out half of all life to “save” the universe. Many people try to argue the logical cause and consequences of Thanos’s action. And how he could use his power to help the universe.

It seems like they have forgotten that Thanos is a villain, therefore, his plan does more harm than good. What we think does not matter, what Thanos thinks is right is what actually matters.

Indiana Jones: Raiders of The Lost Ark (1981)

“Plot Hole”: Indiana Jones did everything for nothing?

What Indiana Jones has done is useless or not?
What Indiana Jones has done is useless or not?

Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of the best action movies of all time and it turned Indiana Jones into an iconic movie hero. However, it was argued by some movie geeks that Jones’ sacrifice was useless. Considering the fact that the villains get their hands on the ark of the covenant and it ends up killing them all. Therefore, Jones could have stayed home and gotten the same result. But  Jones never  intended to stop the Nazis from using the ark. In fact, he was very skeptical that it had any power at all. He only focused on ensuring it ended up in a museum at the end. 

Titanic (1997)

“Plot Hole”: Both of them could fit in?

Can both of them survive?
Can both of them survive?

We will end the list of movie plot holes in famous movies with one of the most interesting “plot holes” ever. At the end of the movie, when the Titanic sinks, Jack and Rose are trapped in the freezing water. Jack tries to save Rose by pushing her on a floating door. As a result, Jack is freezed to death, while Rose can keep her life. Many fans consider it as a really big plot hole because they insist that the door looks big enough to carry both of them.

However, using basic physics knowledge, ones will realize that a single door can never carry the weight of both Jack and Rose. In fact, Jack once tries to climb up but stops when he sees that the door will sink if he does that.

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