7 New Details in Marvel DVDs & Blu-ray Versions

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With the Digital and Marvel DVDs & Blu-ray versions of Avengers: Endgame, viewers are given more new details that never appeared in the theatrical version.

Avengers: Endgame is the 22nd film of the MCU after 11 years and also brings phase 3 of this marvel cinematic universe movie collection closer to the end. 

Phase 4 of the MCU promises to bring many big changes, especially the entry of famous characters that Disney has copyrighted such as the Fantastic Four, X-Men. Although the official version has been released for a long time, fans are still looking forward to the Digital and Marvel DVDs & Marvel Blu-ray collection versions where many new scenes and details will be revealed.

Today let’s sum up 10 notable new scenes in these 2 new versions. There are many details that will surprise you.

1. Actor Chris Evans was reluctant to play Captain America- Marvel DVDs

Chris Evans - Captain America
Chris Evans – Captain America

Captain America can be said to be the most famous and famous role of Chris Evans up to the present time of Marvel cinematic universe collection

But surely many people do not know that he was extremely reluctant to accept the role at first.

Evans said: “The only reason for hesitation in the beginning is commitment. It’s a big movie and you know, it’s movies that either succeed or fail. your life completely changed “.

MCU’s casting director Sarah Finn also confirmed this information. Because of Chris’s above thinking, Marvel constantly gave up to let the actor take on the heroic role of America.

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2. The Iron Rescue armor is not built by CGI

The Iron Rescue of Pepper
The Iron Rescue of Pepper

The blockbuster Avengers: Endgame which is from phrase 4 of Marvel cinematic universe collection has officially introduced to Marvel fans the debut of Pepper Potts – Iron Man’s wife in the form of Superhero Rescue. The scene where she stood with her husband fighting Thanos’ army made many audiences extremely excited.

Actually, this is not the first time that Pepper wears Iron Man armor, Marvel audiences have witnessed this in Iron Man 3, but perhaps Endgame is the first time that Pepper becomes a superhero.

However, in this movie, unlike her husband’s new armor, which has mostly been created using CGI technology on Marvel collection movies, Pepper’s Iron Rescue was tailored for her. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow does not need to rely on Motion-cap as much as Robert to be able to record the armor via computer.

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3. The Russo Brothers stated that Black Widow’s sacrifice was the greatest thing in the Marvel movie collections

Black Widow’s final scene
Black Widow’s final scene

After Avengers: Endgame from Marvel cinematic universe collection ended, both the original members of the Avengers team disbanded. However, there were two members who were not alive to continue their story, Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff.

The two sacrificed themselves to save the Earth, Tony bet his life, snapped his fingers to destroy Thanos’ legion, and Natasha sacrificed her life at the bottom of Vormir in exchange for the soul stone.

The moment of “black widow” lying coldly under “Absolute Cup” Vomir has made many audiences unforgettable, many people have said that fate is too “harsh” for this superhero.

And in honor of the Black Widow character’s lofty effort and dedication in Endgame, Extra included a few miraculous highlights of the character’s history along with scenes of the Russo brothers sitting down to discuss Black Widow’s legacy and impact on her final sacrifice on Marvel movies box set blu ray

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Joe Russo even went on to insist on calling Black Widow’s death “the most heroic moment in the history of the Marvel Universe.”

4. Some funny lines of Don Cheadle- Marvel DVDs

Don Cheadle-marvel-dvds
Don Cheadle

Besides heroic and tragic details, the Marvel movie collection also contains many funny details. If you remember the moment in Endgame when Thor asked Tony, “What do you think is running in my veins?”, The War Machine quickly replied, “Cheez Whiz”.

But in fact, it also includes many other fatty dishes such as: “Coco Puffs, nachos, Funyuns” or simply unrelated to the dish: “Confusion?”

5. Behind the scenes: The Ancient One gives Hulk a bottle of orange soda

Hulk with a soda
Hulk with a soda

Perhaps many viewers are impressed with the scene of Endgame from the Marvel movie collection, Hulk returns to the past and meets The Ancient One to “borrow” the Time Stone. In a gag reel of the movie, The Ancient One used his incredible power to create a bottle of orange soda for The Hulk. However, the scene was only seen backstage and the CGI was not complete.

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6. Tony has an Alpaca camel

Iron man adapts an Alpaca camel-marvel-dvds
Iron man adapts an Alpaca camel 

This is also a scene that only appears in the Marvel Blu-ray collection and Marvel DVDs which is deleted in Endgame. The moment Iron Man retreated with his wife and children, he raised an Alpaca camel and named it Gerald. Tony’s pleasures can be seen as quite elegant

The impressive image that many viewers still remember is that Australian actor Chris Hemsworth was shaped like a duck, exhausted and extremely fat in the end Game of the Avengers superhero series.

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7. The fat Thor costume in Marvel DVDs

The impressive image that many viewers still remember is that Australian actor Chris Hemsworth was shaped like a duck, exhausted and extremely fat in the Endgame of the Marvel cinematic universe collection

Zoom in the Big bro Thor costume-marvel-dvds
Zoom in the Big bro Thor costume

The truth is that he did not gain too much weight to play the role as many people think, but the answer lies in the unique outfit to disguise from a muscular guy to an overweight hero after the event of failure.

The suit is made of a very real, seamless bodysuit with extremely heavy layers of fat. In fact, the suit also weighs 40 kg, causing many difficulties for the actor’s movement during filming. You can see it very clearly on Marvel studios collector’s edition box set which never shows in the film.

Above are New Details in Marvel DVDs & Blu-ray Versions. Follow us to keep update with the newest news from Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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