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Ghibli is as long as Miyazaki complete collection like the dream of Japanese anime, founded by talented artists and passionate about anime, Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata. Although starting their career and later maturing from making anime films for television, directors Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata are determined to steer their Ghibli studio to focus on animated feature films. cinema screen.

In 1937, Walt Disney Company released the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the world’s first animated feature film. This is an important milestone in the history of cinema, marking the recognition of animated films on par with live-action films and Walt Disney studio also becoming a monument in the animation world.

However, after the release of the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, many studios of Western Europe or Asia also participated in the production of animated feature films but did not have the deep and wide influence as the films Disney movies. Things started to change in the early 1960s when Super Child Atom from Japanese comics entered the world of animation in the black and white television series produced by Mushi. With her big, expressive eyes, Atom Super Kid became the standard for a new and world-famous animated genre called anime. Anime is a French borrowed word (animé) meaning cartoon, but this term is used exclusively for Japanese-made or Japanese-style animations. Today, anime has become an international term, denoting a line of animated films that are loved in many countries around the world.

The famous film studio specializing in making anime feature films, considered the Walt Disney of Japan, is the Ghibli animation studio and the collected works of Hayao Miyazaki . Miyazaki complete collection not only created a box office craze in Japan but also won big in harsh movie markets like the US. Hayao Miyazaki is the producer of the Land of the Souls (2001) animated feature film, the only non-English-speaking film to receive an Oscar for a best-animated feature film in 2002. According to the website’s rankings. Whether IMDB prestigious cinema, there are 5 Ghibli works in the top 10 best-animated films of all time.

It’s no surprise that a Japanese animated film has been a success in its own homeland. But it will be a miracle that a Japanese film, speaking in Japanese, can storm the world. What made Hayao Miyazaki movie collection animated feature films such successful? How did two famous animated film directors Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, the founders of Ghibli, not be confused with the animation of Asian countries like Korea and China? How can its cinematic works be accepted and welcomed in many different cultures around the world?

Things that make Ghibli’s also Miyazaki complete collection success

In addition to promoting and inheriting the different values ​​that anime has gained over time, it is the company’s different ways of doing it as well as the difference of director Hayao Miyazaki that has made Ghibli’s anime film achieve many achievements.

1.The kid is the center

Gake no Ue no Ponyo as Ponyo

Hayao Miyazaki once stated, “Animation should be a form of entertainment, and its purpose is to serve children. That is what I keep in mind ”. Hayao Miyazaki has always been loyal to his point of view. Miyazaki complete collection is first and foremost highly entertaining with a compelling and engaging storyline. No film is heavy or has confusing messages. Even the anti-war philosophical, anti-war movie like Howl’s Castle is easy to watch with its lovely details, characters, and a wonderful ending. But of course, Hayao Miyazaki never made films for pure entertainment or relaxation. Miyazaki collected works motto is “I never try to make children’s movies, I make movies that I think I will want to see as a child, or I believe my children want to see. movies like that”. In fact, the concept of entertainment Hayao Miyazaki used here referred to the world of Japanese anime on television at that time. Hayao Miyazaki often complains of frustration with Japan’s pride in, anime industry. He argued that anime on television had been commercialized. Surrounding are just topics about robots, space wars, superheroes transforming, or frivolous love. They are highly entertaining but do not teach anything or help the child’s soul find meaning in life. For Hayao Miyazaki, he wanted to make films that “encourage children to be more independent, films that bring a positive message to children who are losing faith in life”.

And of course, Hayao Miyazaki never makes good doctrinal or blackmail movies. He thinks that life itself is too tiring, a child needs to preserve his clear soul. “I will never make films that bring the message of your children to despair and run away, but instead are films that make them feel good to live in the world.

“Instead of teaching children the complex and exhausting problems of life, I just want them to grow up healthy. I want to make movies that encourage kids to believe in a good life ”

 2.Have a clear message and purpose

A message which hidden behind scene

Before deciding to make a movie, Hayao Miyazaki always knew what message he would send in a film. It is not a message like we should join hands to protect the environment or try to be good and good children. The message in his movies is never played out in the character’s dialogue, but always for viewers to feel. If with Totoro, he wants to make a movie “fun and pleasant that after watching the movie, the audience will leave with a smile on his face and a relaxed and happy mentality”, when watching the movie, The audience will feel exactly those things. Or like Laputa, Hayao Miyazaki pointed out from the beginning that “this is a film for elementary children, a movie that will really enjoy them.

Pazu (Laputa’s short name) will be filled with laughter and tears, sincerity, sweet feelings, and sacrifices – things that today’s young people find skeptical about but are actually hidden in their hearts. the same craving. The film tells the story of a young boy determined to follow his dream made with a story guide that is truly understandable and appealing to young audiences ”(6). Pazu’s persistence touched to see the good feelings between people, and 

heartbreaking with many actions as dramatic as American blockbuster action movies.

The way of choosing and defining the clear message and purpose makes Hayao Miyazaki movie collection always have depth. This makes many Ghibli anime films sometimes appreciated in terms of content than Disney movies.

3.Beautiful pictures

A scene from Spirited Away

Hayao Miyazaki movie collections are famous for their beautiful hand-drawn images. It can be said that Hayao Miyazaki is a traditional painter, he hates drawing with computers or using effects, because they take away the value of animated films. Although from the movie Princess Mononoke, Hayao Miyazaki has also adopted computer graphics and coloring in some scenes, he did so only to save time when the end of the film was due. Most of Miyazaki collected works are hand-painted.

Not only paying attention to the compelling plot and profound message, but Hayao Miyazaki is also particularly difficult about the visual effects of the film. Hayao Miyazaki used to watch all the scenes himself and personally edit every detail. Even when needed, he also demanded to change the background of each scene. For example, the scene where Ashikata jumps onto the roof chasing San in the movie Princess Mononoke. Since San is lighter and faster, she glides on the roof gently, so when doing this scene, the artist doesn’t have to touch the background, but only draw the movement. But it is different with Ashikata. He was heavier, so when he jumped onto the roof, Hayao Miyazaki wanted the tiled roof at Ashikata’s foot to crumble, and thus the artist would have to intervene in the background for each scene. Hayao Miyazaki is extremely picky about the visual part of his film. Therefore, every Hayao Miyazaki movie collection is a feast of eyes. Every movie has picturesque scenes or breathtaking scenes like the robot fight scene in Laputa, the Ohmu attack in the valley, or the smoke war scene of Howl’s Castle. Therefore, Miyazaki complete collection has always been considered the pinnacle of anime.

4. Build a close, friendly character with the viewer

Whisper of the heart

Hayao Miyazaki has always put female characters at the center. It can be said that the female characters in the Miyazaki complete collection are ordinary girls or young girls, easily found in life. A princess who loves nature and loves to fly in Nausicaa; an orphan girl with no talent besides possessing a magic stone in Laputa; Chihiro is just a student and Sophie, the hat-maker who runs a small hat factory … All of them are not outstanding or outstanding, but they all become true heroes in her story. Each character’s journey is different, but the same thing: they have a pure soul, a good purpose in life, and try their best for their beliefs. The new perspective of the Ghibli movie-style superhero is different from other cultures, especially American culture, where the hero is understood to have a special ability to save the world.

5. The unique script

The cat returns

Hayao Miyazaki’s name is placed in the script of the film, but in fact, he has never written a script. “I have never studied scriptures and I have never intended to study scripts other than the ones I plan to do. Actually, even with my projects, I just skim the script and leave most of the rest to my imagination and emotions. Hayao Miyazaki conceived the script as just a draft of an idea, the important thing is that from that idea, we will add and develop the story to become a complete movie. Hayao Miyazaki opposes that the artist must draw according to the script of the screenwriter. According to him, animation is not the same as cinema, the artist always has his own imagination for his story. Sometimes writers write good stories, but it’s difficult to do on animated movies, and artists can visualize the script directly visually, and so Hayao Miyazaki often skips the stage. scriptwriter that goes straight to drawing the scene for the movie. He grasped the plot, highlighted the important things or the bottlenecks of the script, and then drew scenes for each movie. While making the scene, he and Isao Takahata edited them until they agreed with the story’s path. Though it is complex and multi-segmented, Miyazaki collected works are complex and multi-segmented, but the story is fast, tight, and attractive, conveying many messages. Not only with the original script, but even an adaptation of work was also done in this way by Hayao Miyazaki.

Hayao Miyazaki believes that in order to have a successful script “the scriptwriter must have a clear understanding of what he wants from the film. The path of the story must be as simple and clear as a solid tree. What the audience saw was the top of the tree with beautiful luxuriant branches. But it is important that the tree has a deep root system and a strong stem strong enough to accommodate its branches and leaves. For other things like flowers, fruit, or decorations, anyone can contribute. One excellent scenario is a tree in which there are lush foliage and even insects perched on the leaves”.

4 Interesting Things about Hayao Miyazaki Movie Collection

Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata’s point of view on filmmaking and the way the films are made have created many different anime works. They use their enthusiasm, passion, positive thoughts, perspectives, and talent to make stunning films about visualization, perfect content, and make audiences around the world sympathize and love.

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