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Interesting fact amaze you about Marvel studios movie collection

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Marvel Studios release many Marvel cinematic movie collection which include brand new series and movies. 13 years have passed, and behind the blockbuster brand are countless interesting secrets. Joining with Wiin shop to “reveal” all the interesting things about the world’s most successful movie universe at the present time.

1. The superheroes gather together for food

The post-credits scene of the superheroes taking a break, enjoying shawarma (Arabic-style bread) in the ruined scene after defeating the Chitauri monsters in The Avengers was only actually filmed and added on MCU box set– after the film held its premiere.

The addition scene
The addition scene

2. Spider-Man of the 4.0 era – Marvel studios movie collection

Tom Holland as Spider man
Tom Holland as Spider man

Instead of receiving direct phone calls or text messages to notify about the plot of Marvel studios movie collection, Tom Holland only knew the information that completely changed his life through a link posted on the Instagram page of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

3. Chris Evans has “refused” Captain America to come … 2 times

The handsome actor confided that the first time Marvel called to cast Captain America

For the Marvel cinematic universe movie collection , he refused because he wanted to pursue an art-oriented film career with small movies instead of a series of blockbusters.

Chris Evans as Captain America
Chris Evans as Captain America

The second time was when Chris found out that his contract with Marvel spanned nine movies for the MCU movie collection. He thought it would take him a lot of time and not be able to do many other movies. After that, Marvel agreed to reduce it to six movies.

However, Chris still felt constrained because the recording time between the movies was too close. With Chris, he always wished he could have time to play football, go shopping and enjoy a normal life.

4. And Marvel is “criticizing” Robert Downey Jr.

This was revealed by Iron Man director Jon Favreau to the press. When writing the script, Jon immediately thought of Robert Downey Jr. for the role of superhero billionaire Iron Man. Tony Stark / Iron Man’s entire story was inspired by Robert’s life, with both good and bad sides, he affirmed. But when proposing to Marvel, Jon was rejected because of the negative reviews surrounding Robert’s ups and downs in life at that time.

Robert Downey Jr as Tony-Stark
Robert Downey Jr as Tony-Stark

Initially, Marvel planned to invite Tom Cruise to play Tony Stark for the MCU movie collection , but the plan failed. At that time, they agreed that Iron Man himself should be greater than the reputation of the star taking the role. Along with the determination of Jon Favreau, perseverance and self-proving Robert’s efforts, Marvel finally nodded to the “gamble” to start the entire MCU.

And the recklessness has brought results beyond expectations. Jon Favreau was right and the MCU movie collection-became the biggest movie franchise in history with the great merits of Robert.

5. But there are also people who have to wait until the second time to succeed like Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo auditioned for the role of Hulk in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, but at that time, Marvel felt he was not suitable for the role at all to develop the Marvel cinematic universe movie collection. After that, they invited actor Edward Norton to play, and then both a conflict that did not even acknowledge each other. And the chance to return to the guy who was “missed” before.

In The Avengers, Mark Ruffalo mentions Bruce Banner’s suicide but failed. This suicidal act was once taken but it was cut in Edward Norton’s The Incredible Hulk. The orientation to build and develop the character Bruce Banner was said to be the cause of the disagreement and caused Norton to be fired from Marvel.

Hulk by Mark Ruffalo
Hulk by Mark Ruffalo

6. Gray Hulk – Marvel studios movie collection

Marvel plans to let Bruce Banner transform into the Gray Hulk after being hypnotized by the Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The gray Hulk
The gray Hulk

However, fearing that the audience would find it difficult to immediately adapt to a new character in the MCU movie collection, the filmmakers ignored this idea. In the comics, Gray Hulk has a strong personality but is also more violent and more playful than Green Hulk.

7. Marvel movie through the statistics of Rotten Tomatoes – Marvel studios movie collection

The Business Insider page has summarized a few numbers related to the works of Marvel Studios on the review site Rotten Tomatoes. And they found some interesting results that reflect the views of both critics and audiences alike for Marvel superheroes.

Marvel movies and The Rotten Tomato
Marvel movies and The Rotten Tomato

Critics and audience review scores for all MCU movie collection are basically the same, only about 0.5%. This shows that the MCU movie collection really conquered two moviegoers who have many opposite views.

Iron man- marvel-studios-movie-collection
Iron man

Iron Man is a film that is popular with both audiences and critics with the highest average score after adding 92.5%. Meanwhile, Guardians of the Galaxy is the most popular film franchise in the MCU with an average score of 90%.

 Guardians of the Galaxy-marvel-studios-movie-collection
 Guardians of the Galaxy

Captain America is the series with the most progress in the eyes of critics, with the score of the sequel always higher than the previous one. The first film The First Avenger only had 79%, the sequel The Winter Soldier got 89% and the latest one, Civil War had a score of 91%.

Captain America: Civil war

An interesting finding is that the longer the MCU movie collection, the higher the score.

Marvel Studios movie collection have always been seen as having villain-building problems. They are said to lack the highlight, have no motivation to persuade them, and sometimes even act silly.

But according to the observations of Rotten Tomatoes, human-born villains are always valued more than alien villains. The proof is that MCU movies with human villains are always scored higher by critics. Includes Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War and the Iron Man trilogy.

Women superheroes of Marvel

The MCU movie collection with the participation of female superheroes is highly rated by both the critics and audiences alike in the other films. Typically Captain America and the Avengers have Black Widow and Scarlet Witch, Thor: Ragnarok has Valkyrie, and Guardians of the Galaxy has Gamora, Nebula, and Mantis. This shows the expectation for Captain Marvel – the first superheroine in the Marvel studios movie collection to have her own movie is really great.

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